Course Registration

Ther are two steps to Register for the course:

  1. You must fill out the registration form

  2. To confirm your place in the course:

    In order to confirm your place in the course, it is necessary to make a deposit of minimum 100€ (the rest can be paid in cash, or you can pay it all at once- whatever you prefer)

    pay in the account: IberCaja ES85 2085/ 2308-21-03-300112-14 .


    Pay by  Pay Pal to the account:  “”

    • Don’t forget to put your name on the deposit- sometimes my bank does not register the name of who makes it.
    • Just in case… please send me a copy of the deposit slip by email to:
    • The day of registration is the day the deposit is made, not when you fill in the form (this applies to discounts for early registration).
    • If two people sign up, you have to deposit 200€

Please read the information about what happens if you cancel your participation in the course before paying.

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