Taller Con Co (Co Workshop)

Taller Con CO’s Philosophy:

Our main goal is for you to learn how to build a quality Straw Bale houses, but we also believe that it is necessary to learn how to build in a CO-creative way: creating an environment of fellowship, mutual help, and a good team atomosphere .

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rikkiRikki Jennifer Nitzkin made her first straw house (without any building experience) in 2002. The house remains her refuge and beloved home. In 2006, after several years improving her training in building, she began to give Straw Bale Building and Earthen Plaster courses and workshops. Since then, she has given dozens of workshops and participated in multiple builds. Although she has built a few whole houses, and done wall-raising and earth plastering in some more, she is mainly dedicated to training, counseling and accompaniment to self-builders – since it is important for her to teach Why each step of the process is necessary, not just How.

She is one of the Founding Members and the Coordinator of the Spanish Straw Building Network, also representing this network in ESBA (the European Straw Building Network); she has also published a book  in Spanish: “Casas de Paja: una guía para autoconstructores” (“Building with Straw: a guide for self-builders”) Together with Maren Termens (Ed. Ecohabitar, 1st edition 2010, 2nd edition 2016).

Her passion in encouraging and empowering self-builders, and teaching people how to “build their dreams” as well as beautiful, healthy and enduring homes. Her philosophy: Build with Consciousness, Heart and Cooperation

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