10-15 July. Intro. to Straw Bale Building and Clay Plasters

Join me for this 5 1/2-day course Introduction to Load-Bearing Straw Bale Construcción and Clay Plasters ; this Course/Workshop is being held in Palafrugell, just 10 minutes (by car) from the beaches of the Costa Brava in the Province of Girona, Catalunya, Spain!

You will learn to raise load-bearing straw bale walls, and all the carpentry details necessary for this. You will also learn how to make Earthen Plasters from scratch and apply them to the walls. All this, while enjoying the food and sun of the Costa Brava, and learning to work as team with the rest of the international students.

The workshop is being held in L’Horta de La Viola– and organic vegetable farm and home to two straw bale buildings (one a small vault and the other a two-storey, 200m2 farm  and home). So at the same time you are learning, you can see some finished structures…

In this course we will use a “kit” to build a 3m x 3m load-bearing building, which will be taken apart after the course. This is beneficial, because there will be no pressure to “build more.” We can take time to answer questions and learn the Why behind each technique we learn… not only How. This allows you to better understand what you are doing, and will permit you to improvise when building your own home- not just follow the steps blindly.

The teacher of this course, Rikki Nitzkin, been working with Straw since 2002 and teaching straw bale building and clay plastering since 2006. She has taught over 50 courses and participated in the building of over a dozen structures. She is the co-author (together with Maren Termens- the owner of the Horta de la Viola) of a Spanish Language Strawbale Building Book (Casas de Paja: una guía para autocontructores) and is the coordinator of the Spanish Strawbale Network. You couldn’t be in better hands! She was born and grew up in the US, although she has been residing in Spain for over 20 years, so here english is fluent.

Camping and all meals are included in the full price.

See the various “tabs”  above for more details on the course contents, or download this PDF with all the details.

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Costs and Payments

Costs:  Full Price: 530€* 210€/person food, camping and use of the  installations. + 320€ for the course, materials, & digital documentation. Some discounts available, See below. Discounts: not accumulable between each other  50€ off in early-registration (payment received before 10 June) = 480€  Volunteer/ Work Grant **–  maximum two per course = 50% off course fee … Continue reading Costs and Payments

Practical Stuff (food, lodging, transport)

Food: ovo-lacteo vegetarian. Mostly organic. Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner. Consult if you have any special needs. All meals from Monday the 10th dinner until sunday the 16th breaksfast are included in the cost. No public kitchen available. Lodging: Camping: free. You must bring your own camping gear. Compost toilet. Other options: local … Continue reading Practical Stuff (food, lodging, transport)