At a Glance (when, where, what, who, How)

When: 10-15 July 2017

  • arrivals on Monday the 10th

  • workshop starts at 15:00, on Monday 10th of July.

  • We may have an afternoon off to visit the local area and beaches mid-week.

  • Workshop finishes Saturday Evening (to be followed by a party!)

  • departures are expected after breakfast on Sunday the 16th.


L’Horta de La Viola (Palafrugell, Girona): map , web


In this 5 ½ day course I hope to teach you everything you need to know about how to manipulate bales and place them in load-bearing walls, and the carpentry needed for raising them. You will also become comfortable with how to mix earthen plasters from scratch and apply them to Straw Bale walls.

We will also learn to how to work as team: listening, sharing, taking care of each other.

Please bring instruments, games, ideas, fotos of stuff you’ve done… we will make time for getting to know each other.

Who (the course if for):

  • People who want to participate in the building of their homes, or be self-builders.
  • Technicians and professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge about some of the most popular eco-building techniques in Europe.
  • any person (from the building sector or not) who is interested and wants to learn!

No previous building knowledge necessary.

What (goals):

  • Learn everything you need to know to build load-bearing straw bale walls and plaster them with clay.
  • Learn what you need to know to adapt the rest of the build (foundations, roofs, etc.) to straw bales.
  • Gain enough confidence to enter the adventure of building from an intelligent and realistic viewpoint.
  • Share the experience of working in a team and learn tricks to make this go smoothly.
  • Meet other people with the same concerns as you (living and building more ecologically and coherently).
  • Learn to view the path of creating a home as living apprenticeship… not just a building.
  • Empower yourself by learning to meet your own needs and do things you weren’t sure you were capable of (before).

How (practice and theory):

Work times: approximately 40 hours of learning, doing, and sharing.

    • about 5 hours of practical work a day

    • 1-2 hour theoretical talks each day