Course Content

Workshop/Course Program content:

Hands on Practice: about 32 hours

  1. The Straw Bale

    • what makes a good building bale?

    • How to measure and manipulate bales

  2. Load-Bearing Straw Bale walls:

    • carpentry for Loadbearing walls

    • wall-raising

    • wall-straitening

    • wall plates

    • compression of walls

  3. Preparing for plastering:

    • shaving the bales

    • filling in the gaps

    • preparing the joints between wood and straw

  4. Earthen Plasters:

    • preparing the ingredients

    • how to get the right proportinos for a mix with natural ingredients (clay earth, sand, straw)

    • making the different types of earthen plaster we need

  5. Plastering with Earth:

    • priming the walls (layer 1)

    • filling in the gaps with straw-clay

    • body coat (layer 2)

  6. Decorations:

    • sculptural relief

    • shelves integrated in the walls

Theoretical Content:

  • Introduction to Stawbale building: histrory, building styles, examples

  • Before building: how to prepare the building site, design issues.

  • Foundations and stem-walls: cement-free options

  • Loadbearing Straw Bale Walls: things to remember, design details

  • Roofs, Plumbing and Electricity: what you need to know

  • Clay Plasters part 1.