Practical Stuff (food, lodging, transport)


  • ovo-lacteo vegetarian. Mostly organic. Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner. Consult if you have any special needs.

  • All meals from Monday the 10th dinner until sunday the 16th breaksfast are included in the cost.

  • No public kitchen available.


Camping: free. You must bring your own camping gear. Compost toilet.

Other options: local hostels/hotels. You must provide your own transportation to and from the lodgings.


  •  Girona Airport + bus to Palafrugell

  • Barcelona Airport + bus to Palafrugell

  • pickup at Girona Airport (45 min. drive to farm) = 40€/person (2 people = 20€/person, 3+ people = 15€/person).

  • Pickup at Palafrugell bus station = Free

How to get from Girona or Barcelona Airports to Palafrugell by bus:

Very recommended: rent or bring a car! L’Horta is about 10-15 min. from the beaches by car, but there is not a good publica transportation network. If you want to go to the beach (or sleep in town instead of camp) we recommend you to bring or rent a car. Maybe several students can pool together to share one…

Ride Share: I will create an excel sheet with contact information for all the students to share with all participants; I will only put you on the list if you give me permission to do so. All ride-shares will have to be self-organized.