Cancelation Policy

Cancelation: If you cancel your participation: if you cancel 1 month or more before the course starts, TCC will return all but 25€ of your deposit/payment (per person). If you cancel with less than one month’s warning, we will retain 100€ of what you have paid. In both cases, the money which is not returned can be […]

Discounts & Volunteering

Discounts: the discounts are not cumulative early registration: -15%  (1 month or more before the course)  Volunteer/work exchange*: -50%  (limit 2 people)- see below for details on how to request this discount Couples/Friends: -40% for the second person; máximum 2 pairs per course. I don’t believe in “punishing” single people, so this discount is available for any two […]

Companions and Pets

Companions (friends, partners, kids) who wish to accompany you, but not participate in the workshop, are welcome. They will have to pay for the food and lodging (kids get a discount) at the price as the students. If you have questions, feel free to write for more details. Pets: In most of the estates where […]

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